4 Reasons I Love Julep Maven

It’s no secret that working in the music industry can be draining, tiring, and stretch you to your core. For the past few months, I’ve been feeling the weight of work. This means forgetting to make time for myself amidst a slew of projects and events (in case you haven’t noticed from a lack of blog posts!). However, when my Julep Maven subscription box arrived, it provided a breath of fresh air. My Julep box was the perfect reminder to make a little time for fun, for ME, every day. Here are the reasons I loved my Julep Maven November Box.

1. Packaging

Julep’s Maven program promises ‘Beauty at your doorstep,” and it starts before you even get to the cosmetics. My Julep delivery arrived neatly packed in a small box, delicately packaged with gentle tissue paper and a slew of sweetly designed promotional materials.



2. Quality

To me, Julep is synonymous with “quality.” Their products always feel top notch, are long-lasting, and promise rich colors. It is safe to say their products are a definite step above the typical drug store finds and well-worth the the slight up-spend (see more below).


3. Price

I believe this subscription box cost about $27 total. For three pieces of makeup, it comes down to about $9 each – a reasonable price for those who regularly shop Ulta or Sephora stores for quality cosmetics. Personally, I wouldn’t be comfortable spending this much on a regular basis for colors that end up being a gamble, but for the products within this month’s box, it was well worth it. Plus, Julep takes the time to make sure you are receiving colors you want, and ones you may not even know you need (see below)!


4. Colors

If you know me, you know I’m always a fan of natural colors. My makeup rarely ventures beyond neutral black, bronzes, and rose hues. However, Julep forces me to venture outside my comfort zone and try new things. Ordinarily, I would never purchase anything other than a blackest black eyeliner, but the addition of their Sunset Gold Shimmer liner allowed me to try a new look that I ended up loving! Being forced to experiment outside my color comfort zone feels great, especially when I know it was selected specifically for me.

Julep requests a quick quiz about your facial features and favorite makeup choices before gathering the perfect ingredients for every box. Its easy to imagine a little makeup elf somewhere in the world is filling your magic box just for you, and adds a little something special to make it extra fun.

You can take the quiz here: http://www.julep.com/emailform/giftcovet



Overall, I love cosmetics. Trying new items is always a joy, so Julep Maven is like a little box of happiness delivered every month. The box sitting on my doorstep definitely brought a smile to my face! I also suggest becoming a subscriber if you just moved. Being alone in a new city can be draining. However, I believe Julep can act as a little comfort and bring sunshine when days get tough. Or, don’t know what to get a friend or loved one for the holidays? Maybe a Julep Maven subscription is just the thing!


Let me know if you have tried Julep or have any other beauty suggestions in the comments below! ↡

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