Hi, I’m Rachel. Minnesota born, California dwelling. I am by no means a blogger. I went to school for Music Business and Marketing Management and was lucky enough to land a fantastic job in the Music Industry. Moving across the country and traveling the Western U.S. for work has exposed me to many unforgettable experiences. After hitting my 2 year milestone of living in Los Angeles, I decided it was time to start sharing my West Coast journey.  Along with my musical aspirations, I’ve always had an affinity for writing, traveling, photography, and design, which lead me to create this page for sharing my experiences. This site is simply a collection of my escapades. Welcome to the ride.


Stay Awake Blog was formed around the concept of staying awake in a world that easily gets overwhelming and monotonous, making daily life susceptible to tunnel vision. It can be easy to forget how lucky we are to be surrounded by incredible destinations and experiences just waiting for us to get a little adventurous.  Stay Awake Blog is the cultivation of my experiences across the Western U.S., all resulting from a daily effort to stay awake.


Rock on.