Tea Time: Asha Tea House – Berkeley, CA

Tea Time: Asha Tea House - Stay Awake Blog raves about this unforgettable matcha tea latte.

Let me tell you a quick story about my love of tea. In college, I spent many snowy days shivering as I walked past a petite college-town tea shop just blocks from my school. The Tea Garden quickly became a weekly staple, providing me with the warm and delicious treats to fuel my studying bursts or aid in weekend recovery. It was here that the complexities and varieties of tea first entered my life and promised to never leave. Since then, I’ve been seeking out the best tea shops everywhere I go. A few months ago, I took a trip to Berkeley and found an incredible Matcha Latte at Asha Tea House. Now, I feel strongly obligated to share.

Before any trip, I make sure to run a few quick searches for highly suggested eateries and establishments in the destination area. The always intriguing World Wide Web gave rave reviews to Asha Tea House. If I didn’t stop in on my Berkeley trip, I’d have FOMO forever. Now I can say that if you have the opportunity to visit Berkeley, I hope you make this quick stop because it truly is outstanding.

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The absolutely clean and modern appeal of Asha Tea House’s interior is accented by a remarkably high ceiling, at once making the experience both zen and humbling. Cement grays and natural wood tones create the interior ambiance. Hand-written chalkboard lists of available menu items hang high on the wall as you enter. A little further into the tea room, you’ll find walls displaying unique tea accessories like cups, pots, and whisks, leaving plenty for your eyes to meander as you wait for your tea to brew.

Tea Time: Asha Tea House - Stay Awake Blog raves about this unforgettable matcha tea latte.

My Suggestion:

You must order the Matcha Tea latte, no question about it. If there were such a thing as a badass tea latte in this world, Asha’s would be it. Their Matcha Latte was by far the most highly suggested item by online reviewers, and I could taste why. The matcha flavor was both bold and smooth, exuding richness and purity with every sip. Many matcha beverages are saturated with articifial sweeteners  and preservatives or are made with bland blends. This was the real deal. Asha declares their product is “100% pure stone-ground Japanese green tea,” and you can taste it in every sip. Add some whole milk, boba bubbles, and ice, and you’ve got liquid green-gold in your hands.

For those unfamiliar with the glorious green powdered tea known as “matcha,” a website called Matcha Tea has a helpful infographic to spell out everything you need to know. From miraculous health benefits to a uniquely tasty flavor, matcha is a constant in my life, and should probably be one in yours too.

Tea Time: Asha Tea House - Stay Awake Blog raves about this unforgettable matcha tea latte.

Asha Tea House has set the standard for Matcha Tea lattes from here forward. In addition to this tasty creation, they have a great menu of options. This menu includes a concise yet immaculate list of organic and sustainably-grown teas available for your drinking pleasure. I can’t wait to return to try the Matcha Affogato and taste their batch of Jasmine Pearls.

Check out Asha Tea House online and you’ll be thirsty for some tea in no time!

If you have any more suggestions for great tea houses across the West Coast, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to try them all.

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